48 Hours Skin Allergy Test

The Skin Allergy Test is a test for allergic reactions to ingredients contained in the hair dye solution.
Conducted 48 hours before coloring your hair, please carry out the skin allergy test to check whether there are any adverse effects resulting from the application, before actually dyeing your hair.
Please refer to the instruction leaflet for more information.


Allergic Reaction

Please do not use hair color again once you experience any allergic reaction.
Just one allergic reaction is enough for the body to identify the colorant as a foreign substance.
Any subsequent contact with the colorant will cause another similar allergic reaction. In extreme cases, continued usage may accelerate symptoms and cause a severe allergic reaction.


Coloring during Menstruation or Pregnancy

It is not advisable to use hair color during menstruation, pregnancy, or when there is a chance of pregnancy.
This is because an allergic reaction may be caused resulting from the body’s hormonal changes.
The skin also becomes exceptionally sensitive and prone to irritation during menstruation and pregnancy.
Please do avoid coloring your hair during these periods.